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Everything which is easier to navigate or handle are more demanded by everyone. Coding box is also a such utilities which make scripts easy to read and easy to cope all the contents at time. So today I will show you
how to add coding box on your blogger ? Let start with some basic details.


Computers have their own language called Machine Language which tells them what to do a task. As we see that, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Each number, symbol  or letter is telling the computer to perform or change something in its memory. This could be number, symbol or word.

Coding box is an area which contains some scripts and copy whole scripts at a time with single click only. It helps to attract blog posts. Users give positive response to your blog.

So today in this post I will show you all how to add coding box on your blog post with some simple steps. As we all know that Blogger is the best and easy platform for the beginner’s  who want to start their own blog without investing any money. Blogger provides  all options to make your blog beautiful and to make your blog like a professional blogger. There are many professional blogs which are so reach in contents which were hosted on blogger but every blogger starts their blogging history or journey from starting and then move to any other blog. Blogger gives option to edit your blogger Template according to choice. Although you need some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS codes which is necessary for editing any blogger templates.

Now learn how to add coding box on blog post ?

Follow below steps

◘ Login into Gmail

◘ Open blogger

◘ Create a new post
◘ Edit post by html for adding code box
◘ Paste below code where you want to insert coding box
◘ Replace your code by codes which is at place of Paste your codes which is in blue
◘ Now complete your post and save it

Code 1


<textarea cols=”40″ onclick=”select()” readonly=”” rows=”5″>Paste your codes</textarea>



Code 2

<textarea rows=”5″ cols=”60″ readonly id=”Inputtxt”>Paste your codes</textarea><br/>

 <button style=”background-color:DarkOrange; color:white; border:2px solid white;” onclick=”myFunction()”>Copy</button>
   <script type=”text/javascript”>
            function myFunction() {
             var copyTxt = document.getElementById(“Inputtxt”);

◘ Keep using coding box and attract user

◘ Have Fun !

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