Add Folders In Telegram Chats

Telegram is one of the most popular (Social Media) online messaging app that works just like popular messaging apps WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. One of the best things is that telegram is cloud-based and claims that it prioritises security and speed, making it a good alternative to other popular messaging apps. But here we will talk about one of the awesome features of telegram i.e. folders. Just suppose if you have lots of chats and you receive hundreds of messages from different groups, different friends circle. So in this way you feel some confusion while dealing with chats. For example if you want to search a particular chat, you have to scroll more or search by contact name, it feels like a boring job. So for this Telegram provides folders option for separating your groups and chats in your different preferred folders. Let’s learn how to use or create folders in telegram chats

Add Folders In Telegram Chats (theAShubStore)

For Making Folder In Telegram Chats

Firstly open your telegram app
Open Menu
Go to Settings

Add Folders In Telegram Chats (theAShubStore)

Open Folders option

Add Folders In Telegram Chats (theAShubStore)

Create New Folder
Add Folders In Telegram Chats (theAShubStore)
Create Telegram folder as per your needs

Add custom chats to desire group created by you.

Now easily you can manage your chats (creating chat folders) and group messages.

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