Add Popup Box on your blogger

Hello everyone !

You must observe a pop screen which comes at opening any site, contains some update and leads you directly to it. It’s a good practice to add popup screen as it attract attention of the users at your latest updates and also help in navigation. So today I will show you how to add popup screen/box in your blog. 

How to add popup screen/box ?

Follow below steps:-

◘ Sign into Blogger
◘ Go to layout section
◘ Add gadget
◘ Select html gadget
◘ Add the below codes in it



height: auto;

width: auto;

position: fixed;

bottom: 25%;

right: 10%;

left: 10%;

border: 2px solid;

padding: 10px;

background: #FFFFFF;

border-radius: 9px;








<div id=”pop”>

<button id=”close” onclick=”document.getElementById(‘pop’).style.display=’none'”>X</button><br />

Design by Anurag Singh

<h2>Powered by theAShub</h2>

<h3>Powered by theAShub</h3>

<h4>Powered by theAShub</h4>


◘ Also you can add this screen in any particular page of your  blogger

◘ Have Fun !

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