Canara Bank Mobile Banking in 5 minutes

Canara Bank Mobile Banking in 5 minutes

Canara Bank Mobile Banking in 5 minutes 

 How to register your Canara Bank Mobile Banking in 5 minutes, In this blog post I will show you all the procedures from basics. In modern era we all do cashless transaction, in this way everyone wants to have their own payment cards. So let’s talk about a problem that occur with many users while payment.
If you’re facing below type messages while payment through card details. It means still you’re not eligible for mobile banking. 
◘ Follow below steps for Canara Bank Mobile Banking in 5 minutes 

• Download  Canara Bank Official App from Playstore

• Download and install it 

• Open the app and click on Next after selecting the registered mobile number because selected SIM will verify an SMS. (Remember that registered sim card will have already inserted in device)

• After successfully validating your mobile number, you will receive an OTP from Bank Side.

• OTP will automatically verify.

• You will then be redirected to a new page where you have to create a login identity while confirming and re-confirming your desire five-digit numeric passcode for logging in to the application.

• Then, accept the Terms & Conditions after successful creation of the passcode.

• Now you will have to create your MPin which is of length six-digit. (i.e. UPI Code) 
• Now for using your account you will have to add your card details by giving card details (i.e. card number, atm pin, expiry date, etc).
 Now all is done.
 But one more step is required,
• Go to card section.
• Open Domestic Usage Option.
• Enable ONLINE(ECOM) option and set your desired limit.
• Now you can use your card details for payment through online.

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💡 FAQs

What is POS ?

A point of sale (in short POS) is refers to a place where a customer executes the payment for goods or services.

Is this compulsory for all the card holders ?

No, but if you’re getting above mentioned messages then you have to do it.

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