How to change file name in text format ?

Hello Everyone ! Let’s suppose if anyone has given you a task for copying name of a folder containing 1000 files inside it and you want to copy all it’s file name in txt format. Absolutely it’s impossible task to do it. But just think if you should able to do it. How do you … Read more

How do I shut down or restart computer via CMD?

To Open CMD window from Windows 8 or 10 ◘ Go to the Start menu ◘ Type cmd in the Search field and Press Enter From an open command prompt window: ◘ Type shutdown, followed by the option you wish to execute.  ◘ To shut down your computer, type shutdown /s ◘ To restart your computer, type shutdown /r ◘ To log off your computer type shutdown /l ◘ For … Read more

How to find WiFi Password using CMD ?

 Hello everyone !    Have you ever feel angry with someone when he says ‘I will not tell you the password of hotspot but connect your phone by typing password myself”. Absolutely it’s a bad things if we want to connect with same network further in future. So today I will show you an idea … Read more