Why Google is free while food is not ?

One of the most famous and reliable search engine is Google. Nearly everybody is depending upon it for getting knowledge at ease. Google is a search engine that started development in 1996 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Many of you think that google is free that provides us information about everything. It’s not true it … Read more

Ways that should improve PC performance

Hey ! welcome you all here in world of fast speed. Now everyone wants to work in speed like they want to grow faster, earn a lot in short time, and many more. In parallel to this we talk here about ways that should improve PC performance. If you are experiencing issues loading applications or … Read more

Keyboard shortcuts you must know it

 We always looking for new ways to make our day more efficient. From major productivity strategies to quick workarounds, these can have a big impact in day life. Keyboard shortcuts offer the speed and accuracy for doing the tasks in your day. Anyone can learn them, on any kind of machine, in applications of all … Read more

Network Topology

Here we talk about what is Network Topology and how many type of  Network Topology. You might have heard about its many type but in this blog post you will know What are 5 common network topologies? Network Topology is the schematic description of the physical and logical elements of a communication network or the … Read more

Incognito Still Watching Your History

Incognito Mode refers to private browsing. While using this mode, the browser creates a temporary session that is isolated from the browser’s main user data. Everyone while surfing internet at public places prefer to use Incognito Mode.  When we think of Incognito, we understand none of our browsing history, cookies and site data, or information … Read more

Computer Networks

Computer Networks | theAShub Store 💡 What we cover ! • Computer Networks • Advantages and disadvantages of Networks • Components of a Computer Networks   In history of mankind, networking in any form has always given better results, outcomes and utilization of resources. Here we talk about computer networking. “Connections among computers make computer networks” ◘ Computer Networks … Read more

Awesome WhatsApp Tricks

Awesome WhatsApp Tricks In this modern era, in many of young’s life WhatsApp acts as lifeline as its play role like a mediator for expressing the feelings. One average we can say that whatsapp use by every second person either for stay connecting with friend or family. But when we talk about the correct way … Read more

Data Representations

Data Representations 💡 Table of Contents Introduction Types of Data Representation Binary Number System Octal Number System Decimal Number System Hexadecimal Number System Data Representation refers to a form in which data is stored. Data and instruction command can’t be process directly in computers by human language. Computer first translate the human language into machine … Read more

Google fun tricks I Best 3 fun tricks of google

Google fun tricks Google fun tricks, here in this post we will talk about some of the fun tricks that can be done using google search engine. I’m sure that these small tricks make you different from friends if you show such awesome fun hacks. Literally very few were familiar with such tricks. So let’s … Read more

Play Balloon Game in Playstore

Hello Everyone !        I hope you must heard and play dinosaur game in chrome while having no internet connection. Absolutely it’s a famous time pass game for many people. And many of you have made too many high score which is so difficult for others. Now I will show you a new … Read more