Wifi Password Extractor Using Python

Wifi Password Extractor Using Python |theAShub Store Wi-Fi is the one of the most using wireless technology for connecting computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices to the internet. Although wifi settings offer password security so that it can’t be access by everyone. Many of the users always trying to know the password of nearby wifi’s … Read more

Suggested Practical List Solution of CLASS XII COMPUTER SCIENCE 2021-22 (CBSE)

Computer Science CLASS-XII Subject Code 083   Solution of suggested practical list for Term-I ◘ Read a text file line by line and display each word separated by a ‘#’ filein = open(“mydoc.txt”,’r’) line =” ” while line: line = filein.readline() #print(line) for w in line: if w == ‘ ‘: print(‘#’,end = ”) else: print(w,end … Read more

Exceptional Handling In Python

Exceptional Handling In Python Exceptional Handling refers to the management of handling error in programming, if the code syntactically correct error can also be arise. In this blog post we will learn how to fix such errors in Python Get the reference with below written notes thanks for being here !

Python Tour

Python Tour  Python language was developed by Guido Van Roussam in 1990s. ◘                                                                    •          •  ◘  Thanks for being here, stay … Read more