FollowByEmail widget (FeedBurner) is going away, Bloggers need attention

FollowByEmail widget (FeedBurner) is going away I Bloggers need attention

If you’re a blogger I’m sure you have received an email about important updates of FeedBurner Team. No doubt it’s a shock for the blogger users. Although it is awesome features of blogger by Google for helping people about latest updates on a particular blogger posts. But now users should face little bit difficulties in exploring and notifying with new updates of their subscribed blogs as FeedBurner made this task easy and play an important role in updating user at time.

Recently the FeedBurner team notified about an important update announcement describing that email subscription service will be stopped in July 2021. And after it, feed will still work but with some little changes in it, like automated notification will no longer be provided to the subscribed users. By giving a way to take backup of users email for the further use in future. You can learn more throughout your email and blogger notification if you’re using this gadget. Now have a look onto some topics:-


What is FeedBurner ?

FeedBurner is a web service (by Google from around 14 years) providing services on blogger for making the way of blogging easy and exploring the latest stuffs by up to date notification pattern while email subscription method. But the team of FeedBurner transitioning it for making this feature more stable with doing some changes. Hence without delaying it notifying everyone to know the new terms and policies to ensure that you’re prepared for the latest updates as you used this in your blog.

FeedBurner need email to notify the users.


Why blogger use FeedBurner in blogs ?

Most of the blogger who were professional and eager to know the performance and for providing ease way to their audience use such FeedBurner feature so that it helps user to get instant notification of every new post via Email. In this way user who had subscribed their respective blog will get the reminder of every new posts through their emails notification on time with short intro about it.


What are the ways to deal with its update announcement ?

You received such FeedBurner updates email only if you’re using this gadgets into your blogger. Otherwise no need to worry about it. But if you’re using this gadget and still you’re worry about your audience and respect their feedback. So please download the backup of all the email subscriptions by using a link in email and notification in blogger dashboard provided by FeedBurner team. If you’re getting it so just search FeedBurner on Google and open its genuine website from there you can download all the emails of subscribes user. So that after shutting off of automated notification features you can notify your audience manually by sending mails to them.


What to do next at the place of FeedBurner automated features off?

There is nothing to take serious. You can also use many other third parties service for email subscription instead of FeedBurner by searching and exploring more about email subscription ways on google and youtube. And wait for the updates of FeedBurner.

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