Google fun tricks I Best 3 fun tricks of google

Google fun tricks
Google fun tricks, here in this post we will talk about some of the fun tricks that can be done using google search engine. I’m sure that these small tricks make you different from friends if you show such awesome fun hacks. Literally very few were familiar with such tricks. So let’s start.

◘ What is Google fun tricks

In the world of Internet besides important datum there are so many interesting things that exist. No doubt there are not made for benefits purpose but only for mind refreshment and for fun. You can enjoy these fun tricks in free time. Show these tricks with friends and impress them. 

3 of them are mentioned here !

1. Do a barrel roll

It’s one the famous google fun hack. When you write Do a barrel roll in google search bar, it will rotate your google search result at 360 angle.

2. Ingenuity Nasa

When you type Ingenuity Nasa in google search bar, you will see helicopter at right side panel. Just tap on it and suddenly search result will be Mars land and helicopter began to fly as shown below.

Preview Ingenuity Nasa


Just type zoomquilt and press enter button, choose the first website from google search result. Now you will see a different and complicated graphics which keep zooming in. The best experience is that on zooming it will automatically make different graphics in high quality. Use up and down arrow for zooming out and in.  

Preview of Zoomquilt
Preview of Zoomquilt

In this series, let’s talk about another fun tricks with Google Assistant

        • Open your google assistant, say Factorial of 100.

Result will show some digits and after limited time it started to say O-O-O-O-O for long lasting.

◘ At last google fun tricks is free tools  and really awesome tricks for passing time and for mind wash. These are totally free by google for enjoyment only. It’s good if you know this tricks.

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