How many megabytes do you give to Youtube ?

         Everybody is familiar with Youtube which is a video watching platform. Many are earning with this and many are only enjoying videos here. But have you ever think of how many data you cost for enjoying videos on it.
         Hello friends I am Anurag Singh and today I will give you all information about How many megabytes do you give to Youtube ? Firstly we start with some general information.

◘ What is Youtube ?

     YouTube is a video sharing service that allows users to watch videos either posted by other users or upload of their own. This service was started as an independent website in 2005 and later it was acquired by Google Co. in 2006. Videos that have been uploaded on YouTube may appear on the Youtube and can also be posted on other websites, though the files are hosted on the YouTube server. YouTube service is designed for ordinary people who want to publish videos they have created. While several companies and organizations also use YouTube to promote their business, and do a lot. YouTube videos are posted by people from all over the world, from all types of backgrounds. Therefore, there is a wide range of videos available on YouTube. YouTube can serve a business platform, most of the people simply visit YouTube for fun. Since so many people carry digital cameras or cell phones with video recording capability, more events are now captured on video than ever before. While this has created an abundant collection of entertaining videos for people to see.

◘ Why it is so popular ?

      YouTube is the world’s third most popular online videos platform because viewers, especially those of a younger demographic, can relate to the authenticity of user-generated content. Many can earn money by it with so simple tricks. In addition to their own content, popular YouTubers are utilizing traditional media to build their personal brand and so on.

◘ What is pixel of videos ?

     Video resolution is measured as width by height using pixels as units. Pixels are tiny squares that make up a digital image. For example, a 1920 x 1080 video means the width has 1,920 pixels and the height 1,080 pixels
Some pixels with their resolutions:-

Resolutions                        Pixels           Aspect Ratio
SD(Standard Definition)     640X480(480p)           4:3                   
HD(High Definition)           1280X720(720p)         16:9
Full HD                            1920X1080(1080p)      16:9

And many others….

◘ How much megabytes you give to Youtube ?

Video Quality      Per Minute         Per Hour

144p                          1.3 MB                   80 MB
240p                          3.3 MB                   200 MB
360p                          5 MB                      300 MB
480p                          8.3 MB                   500 MB
720p                          25 MB                    1.5 GB
1080p                        50 MB                    3 GB
From above data analysis choose your video quality and save your data
◘ Have Fun !

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