How to add beautiful Pagination on blogger ?

As we know that there are many website which use the pagination for ease of understanding and proper categorization of web pages separately. Now in this tutorial I will show how to add pagination to a blog and also what are its uses and impacts.
What is pagination?
Pagination is a sequence or row of pages which are connected to some pages having similar contents or special one. Or we can also even define it as when the content on a section of a page is split into distinct pages, we will still say it as pagination.

Why we use pagination?

We have already mentioned that for the ease of webpages handling we use pagination. For example when there is a large data which can’t  be presented as a single page there is pagination is a way for elaborate the contents on different pages.
      Here are some more reasons why pagination is important:-

 Better user experience

Pagination also makes it easier for a user to find the information that they are looking for.

◘ Easier navigation

 It can help make navigation easier for the user who wants to go through the course.


 Pagination without a doubt helps create great user experiences. It positively impact SEO.


How to add Pagination in Blogger?

Follow below steps:-
◘ Log into Gmail
◘ Go to Blogger Dashboard
◘ Open theme setting
◘ Click on edit HTML
◘ When HTML of your blog will open tap anywhere in it and press CTRL +F
◘ A search box will open 
◘ Write  ]]></b:skin>  in search box
After finding the above skin tag just paste the code 1 above  of  ]]></b:skin>   tag.


Code 1


◘ Again find 
</body> tag 

◘ After finding body tag just paste the code 2 above of </body> tag

Code 2

◘ After doing above two task save the Blogger theme

◘ Now visit your blog

◘ You will see the beautiful pagination on your Blog.


If you have the knowledge of CSS you can make a little modification in CSS code for giving it the desire touch according to your needs.

◘ Have Fun !
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