How to add Comments Option in Telegram Channel ?

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I’m sure you all were familiar with social messaging application i.e. Telegram. There is an option of making channel with using some simple steps. Or If you’re the active user of telegram you have must joined within a favourite channel of your interest. There you must noticed that whenever any new post posted in that channel, users give their feedback or comment on that particular post. This is the comment option through which members of that channel able to share their thoughts on every particular post. It doesn’t available in every channel because it’s added by manual. So if you’re making your Telegram Channel then you will have to add it manually.

So in this tutorial I will show you how to add comments option in Telegram Channel? Let’s start with all the basic details.

What is Telegram ?

Telegram is a multi-platform messaging application. It’s function is same as most other messaging apps. It provides user to message others, send files and stickers. However it has it’s own some different feature like making channels and groups with a large community and many more. Telegram only use encryption in calls and secrets chat not in regular chats.

What is Channel on Telegram ?

Channel are a tools for broadcasting your message to large community. It offers a direct and unique link to reach people, sending notification to notify them with each new posts. There is minimum one admin is required for making channel. Later on an admin can add many others admin on their trust.

Profit of Telegram Channel ?

      ◘ It’s provide a huge communities if you’re doing best

      ◘ Send notifications to all the subscribers of the channel

      ◘ Allow members to give their feedback

      ◘ Appoint more than one admin on

      ◘ It’s help in earning money

      ◘ Send files and share links and many more others


What is Comment Option ?

Comment is something that anybody says or write or give opinion about any particular. Comment option is option that enables users to say something on every posts of channel in which they have joined.

How to Add Comment Option in Telegram Channel ?

Follow below steps :-

◘ Open Telegram Application

   ◘ Create Your Telegram Channel. If you have already created your own channel so skip this step.

   ◘ Open your channel 

  ◘ Tap on three dots button as shown in figure (right-side, top-corner)

◘ Now you will get below screen

◘ Here you can manage all the settings of  Telegram Channel

◘ Now tap on pencil button (near three dots, right-side, top-corner) 

◘ Now you will get screen as shown below

◘ Here, there is an option of discussion 

◘ Tap on discussion and create a group with desire name.

◘ After creating the discussion group your comments option will enable

◘ Now you can see the results

* Comments get stored in created group

What is profit of Comments Option ?

It allow users to give their feedback, by which you can know about the interest of the users within your group. And try to improve your contents according to their interests.

My Views (Anurag Singh):- According to my experience it’s an awesome feature which help us to filter out the interests of  the users who are our subscribers and it’s reality when the users give their positive feedback on your posts,  you will good.

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