How to add new (Add a Gadget) Section in Blogger Layout

How to add new (Add a Gadget) Section in Blogger Layout
How to add new (Add a Gadget) Section in Blogger Layout

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Nowadays blogger become an important platform for delivering any facts, thoughts or anything in free. Many of the youngster use it but some of them were still not upgrade with all the features. We know that in our blogger dashboard there is an option of layout where all the drag and drop functions are done. But in this layout section every gadget section are fixed that mean you can’t place some gadgets at desirable place. For this thing you will have to change backend codes. In this tutorial I will make you learn about How to add new (Add a Gadget) Section in Blogger Layout  with simple steps. Before this we discuss about basics.

◘ What is add a Gadget Section in Blogger Layout ?

   It’s an area in blogger layout which is also called as Gadgets Container, were blogger’s user add their desirable gadgets from preinstalled or by injecting extra HTML/CC/JS codes. Layout section make the blogging management simple and easy. Anyone can understand the layout structure and easily explore it. 

◘ Why we add a new section of add a Gadget ?

  It’s totally depend upon the blogger user, if user is satisfied with layout section then there is no need of it otherwise as per need new section can be developed for adding some extra gadgets. Actually when we are going to download new template then all feature of it are fixed like- header section, footer section, footer row, social bar etc. But in that case when user are not satisfy with pre-installed features then adding a new section, will provide extra option for adding more gadgets that can help in proper navigation and displaying contents at large scale as well as in deep.

 How can we add ( Add a Gadget ) Section ?

   Open your Blogger Dashboard
  • Go to theme section
  • Edit HTML
  • In HTML of your blogger template, firstly choose a place where you want to add it.
  For example, I want to add a gadget section above the footer.
      Then I will search for footer id and paste the below codes above it. Like same you choose your desire place and add the following codes there.

<div class="theAShubStore_Gadgets_Section">
<b:section id='theAShubStore_Gadget_Section' class='theAShubStore_Your_Gadget_Class' showaddelement="yes" maxwidgets="1"></b:section>

  • And save the settings
  • Now edit your new gadget section by layout option or by coding.  

◘ Code Structure


This will enable the option of Add a gadget


This is for the number of total gadgets you want to add in it.

◘ Conclusion

 If you’re editing your blogger template using edit HTML section, then I hope you should try this way for adding extra section for unlocking more features and many more.

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