How to buy domain from hostinger for blogger ?

How to buy domain from Hostinger for blogger ? In this blog post I will show you connectivity of domain from hostinger to blogger platform. Nowadays everyone are trying to make their own website either using blogger or wordpress for sharing their idealogy, views, contents, etc. for making passive income using adsense. But in this context you will have to make some efforts with extra Hard work and patience.
  Steps to be taken
•   Open blogger dashboard
•   Open hostinger dashboard (If not registered your profile on it)
•   Search domain for your website and choose your favourable and affordable custom domain and registered on it.
•   Verify everything from hostinger panel (If you’re taking domain first time, need to add all the details like contact details, address, email verification, etc.)
•  Now copy your website url together with custom domain.
•  Move to the blogger setting.
•  Open custom url, on adding your website url a message will shown like below.
 •  Now while having this message,
 •   Open hostinger dashboard.
 •  Choose domain that you have bought, go to DNS setting.
 •  Add CNAME as type, add name and target as given in above message and select add record button.
•   Similarly add another CNAME as per given in message with same above procedure.( Don’t disturb value TTL, left it as it is)
•   Now you can see a link was given in above message in the last.
•   Open it you will find something like below.
•   Add another record like, A as type, @ as Name and Points to, TTL as it is and add it.
Similarly for all another 3 points as shown in above url opened webpage.
  Can anyone get approval by adsense on free (. blog site ?
Yes, any blogger user can get the approval of adsense in free if it work in favour of adsense terms and conditions.
 ◘ What happened if anyone doing blogging in free version like without any custom domain ?
Free domain doesn’t impact to much in the approval and earning process.
 ◘ Comparison between free and custom domain
Top level domain, Google prior top level domain article first to the user who are searching about it. Top level domain highly impact on the visitors who are surfing it
In case of free domain, it doesn’t impact to much. It doesn’t feels premium and sometimes user can’t identify any blog as genuine. Free domain can’t get too much traffic and all.
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