How to change file name in text format ?

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Let’s suppose if anyone has given you a task for copying name of a folder containing 1000 files inside it and you want to copy all it’s file name in txt format. Absolutely it’s impossible task to do it. But just think if you should able to do it. How do you feel? So today I will show you an idea for convert all file name in txt format within a second.  Let’s start with some basic details

What is .txt file ?

.txt file is a standard text document file which simply contains plain text. It is useful for storing information. The most popular program that is well known for containing text file is notepad.

What is CMD ?

It’s a program of windows which emulates the input filed in a text based UI with GUI. It can be used to execute entered commands and  also perform advance functions.

Follow below steps:-

◘ Open CMD (Command Prompt) in simple mode.

If you don’t know how to open it just press key (windows+run) after it you will get a small window get execute with search bar. Type cmd in that search area and press enter it will lead you to cmd.

◘ First, be ready for desired file path on which you want to operate. 

For example- Let choose a folder and copy it file path as shown in figure by click on address bar.

Suppose my file path is-

E:SoftwareBlogger Templates by theashub

◘ Now get back to cmd (command prompt) window

◘ Firstly check your current drive name in cmd. If it’s not your desire drive name change it to required drive. 

Example- Let’s suppose my required drive name is E then I will change it from C to E by writing commands

E:    ( press enter )

E:>    (will get)

◘ Now you’re in your required drive.

Example- For me now it’s current drive is E:> 

◘ Now write cd and after it paste the path link of your file 

Example – For me I will write, 

 cd E:SoftwareBlogger Templates by theashub  (press enter)

 E:SoftwareBlogger Templates by theashub>   (will get)

◘ Now you’re in desired folder 

◘ Now make a file which contain all your file name which will create in .txt format

  dir/b>01.txt  (press enter)

E:SoftwareBlogger Templates by theashub>  (will get)

Example- For me the file name is created with 01 in .txt format which contain all the file names.

◘ Now you can check the created .txt file in your desired location which contain all the files name of required folder.

If you can’t able to do it take help from picture.

What’s profit with this?

No tension for writing all file name one by one in text file

It will saved in .txt file within a second.

It will save with same sequences as fill arranged

Once you able to get all file name in .txt format then you will able to use it anywhere by copy and paste method

◘ Have Fun

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