How to create a direct link to download from Google Drive ?

Hello Everyone! Whenever we talk about for storage we prefer google drive first. But when we use it as commercial way like for storing database for blogger. For this task we firstly upload file and create shareable link by which user can download. Although this way is not so much efficient as user face some problem for accessing data like using Gmail Account for opening it. But have you ever notice Google Drive File Direct Link which provide download in just one click. So today I will show you How to create a direct link from Google Drive. So let’s start with some basic details.

What is Google Drive ?
Google Drive is a storage developed by Google Co.  It allows users to store files on their different devices. It offers users 15 gigabyte of free storage through one Google Drive account. As we know that we generally store anything at google drive and create a link for downloading but while downloading any files from there is difficult task, we will have to go by different windows. 
Follow below steps to create a direct download link from Google Drive

◘ Open Google Drive

◘ Select desire file 

◘ Press right click on it

◘ Choose get link option

◘ Copy sharable link

*Your copy url will like this

◘ This is the master code for generating direct link download

◘ Add your file URL id after above link

◘ Finally your link will like below

◘ Now use URL at your desire blog or website for direct downloading

Why we use direct link ?

For the ease of navigation

Reduces steps of downloading 

User will like to explore from your blog

Easy to handle the files

 ◘ Have Fun

If your Google Drive Storage is full then you can use another Gmail Account or buy more storage from same Gmail Account with comparing affordable plan. 

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