How to disable Preview Image in blogger ?

Hello friends  ! I know that you have visited a lot of blogs in your everyday life and may be ever you notice that on clicking any image on blogger it may open in large preview sometime and probably sometime it didn’t open. So today I will show you an idea on How to disable image preview in blogger ? So let’s start with some basic details

What is preview of Image in blogger ?

It’s a way to open a given image into a large frame for better experience. Preview show normally when you click at any image in blog post. It show the original quality of posted image in blogger. Preview Image size different from the normal or actual image size. Sometime images as well as videos, contain information about a thumbnail/preview image for any particular file. When you click on it then It may contains an extra or additional little image inside your bigger image file.
Preview Image size can be found in png, jpg, gif, webp, mp4, pef, and many other format.

Is it beneficial to disable Image preview ?

Whenever any user visit any blog then he/she click on posted images to preview at larger frame. No doubt preview is useful idea for instantly seeing any image quality. But if you want to disable image preview, so there is no problem you can do it but in this case users should download it first before seeing it’s larger and original quality. Don’t mind is it basically good or bad ? you can do anything according to your wish.

So follow below steps to disable image preview in blogger



◘ Log into Gmail

◘ Open Blogger Dashboard

◘ Create new post

◘ Insert image wherever you want to post in blog post

◘ Click on the image and press right arrow button

◘ It will show like shown below in image.

◘ Click on the disable link button for disable image preview as shown in image

◘ Now save your post 

◘ Open blog post which you recently published and see the result.

If you’re interested to post blog using html tags. So you can follow below steps:-


◘ Create new post

( Suppose you have inserted a single image in post )

◘ Tap on html

Your html code will look like as shown in above image.
◘ Now remove the link of image which is in red cut line as shown in below image
◘ Now save the post 
◘ Visit published blog to see the result.
◘ Have fun

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