How to lock your blog post in blogger ?

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I hope you are also a blog lover like me. If you aren’t, don’t worry. In future if you wish to make blogs and want to share your own ideas with friends, society and other people. So just imagine a situation, if you’re doing the blogging in a proper way and become popular. We know that a good blogger earn lots of money by blogging using Google Adsense or any alternatives/affiliate marketing. No doubt if you’re earning a lot from blog it’s mean that you research in deep and collect many details while making any blog post so that contents become unique and helpful for the users who were moving for it. But think if the same contents, means your contents were posted on other blogs, so how you feel ? Absolutely it’s copy contents method but you can’t take any action. So before happening anything like this with you in future be prepare for it. Let’s learn how to lock your blog post contents so that no one can copy it.
Nobody wants that anyone copy their content because they work hard for making any blog post that’s why their contents were unique and helpful. Although there were many people who want to earn and became popular in easy way with copy contents method. So in such situation locking the blog post is only the way.

Why is there need of locking blog Post ?

On internet if you search for any tutorials you will see that there are number of blogs available in search results. When you visit their blogs and solve out your queries in way as they mention, really you will think that why blogs were at top in search results. The main things is the way of elaborating the contents and deep study about the task. Actually a good blogger research more for particular task post and then post it. But if anyone (another famous blogger) copy their contents and post on another blog, really it will result bad impact and also decrease traffic and user trust. So in such condition protecting blog post is the only way. So try to lock your all posts of blogger to removing such activities.


How it’s work ?

It’s a simple code that is to paste in your blog html. It disable the right click option which allow user to copy the contents and many more.


How to use this feature ?

Follow below steps to lock blog posts

◘ Log into Blogger

◘ Go to Layout section

◘ Add a gadget in sidebar of your blogger

◘ Choose html/java script gadget

◘ Copy the below codes

Here’s the code 

◘ Paste into html/java script gadget

◘ Make sure that code must be enclose between script tag

◘ Save the arrangement

◘ Visit your Blog

◘ See the result by copying method

◘ Have Fun !

One More Way

If you want lock your blog post using password
Then simply copy the below code and paste in that blog post in which you want to implement this feature.
<!--By theAShub Store-->
<script language="JavaScript">
<!-- Begin
var password = 'Your Password'
password=prompt('Please enter the passcode to open it !','');
if (password != 'Your Password') {
// End -->
‘Your Password’ at this place add your own password.
‘’ at this place add your own website where it will direct in case of wrong password.
About this code
It will show popup for filing password as shown in picture above. If the password will be wrong then it will automatically redirect to target website. Only correct password will open the blog post.
My Opinion:- Blog post locking is a good practice for securing blog contents from copy contents people. Actually some people didn’t want to create their own contents they think copying is the best and way. So they try to use shortcut method of copy. But locking blog post doesn’t allow to copy. And in such condition they don’t want to waste time in write the same contents. But still there are many people who copy contents by writing the same contents in a different way. So in this condition you also can’t take any action.  

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