How to login into social sites without username and password ?

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Welcome back you all in this new tutorial, today we shall talk about a website which provides you free access for many social sites. Have you ever need a login id on particular website for performing any task. I hope many of you generally notice such situation but in such condition you don’t want to use your own personal id details. Absolutely in such cases you try to use any fake account or use any other’s  login information for doing required task but it’s not easy and true. Today I will share an idea by which you can login into any social sites and bypass any websites account without having your own account. So let’s start this tutorial and know the all details.

Why is there any need of login ?

Social sites or any other famous sites required login details because they are the huge platform on which there were a lot of users active and trust on their platform. Social sites contains all the details of their users so that they have responsibilities to secures user’s data that’s why they need login id for verification purposes.

What is Domain/URL ?

Domain is generally a name which identifies a network domain. For example .com .org .in .uk and many other. As well as Uniform Resource Locator in short URL termed as web address which is link to a specifics location.

What is BugMeNot ?

BugMeNot is a online service website which provides internet users login id to bypass any registration on online websites. You can get a number of login information for a number of social sites just for free and also it show the success rates of the particular login ID’s for the login. You can explore login details for any social sites without any problems. Just visit this website and get access if you don’t want to use your own login details for log into any websites.

Why we use this website ?

No doubt it’s a free website which is being used by many people nowadays and it’s provide login id’s nearly for every currently using social sites. When you search for any particular websites it show a large number of login details for that particular website only and just for free. It doesn’t need any terms and condition at all. But still I will tell you that just try to use it at least once and then share your feedback if it’s beneficial for you.

How to use this website ?

Follow Below Steps:-

◘ Open google and search for BugMeNot 

In google search result first website will be the real one which leads you to the BugMeNot official website. Or you can visit now by this link OpenBugMeNot

◘ On opening the website you will get the screen as shown below

◘ Now you will get an option for search bar

◘ Search for your desired social sites on which you want to login

For example if your want to search login details for Instagram write in search bar and press enter button as shown below

◘ Now you will get some login details with their success rating as shown below

◘ Use any login details for login into desired social websites. But try to use that login details which has higher success ratings. 

◘ Have Fun !

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