How to make Cartoon Video in android phone ?

How to make Cartoon Video in android phone ?
How to make Cartoon Video in android phone ? 

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Cartoons are pictorial form of representation with the help of some characters or anything else like  graphics gestures. We often realize that cartoon representation impact on our memory for a long time. In digital media, cartoon play major role like in advertisements, promotions, entertainments and many more a lot. Almost everyone like to watch cartoons. Nowadays it’s become a passion for making cartoons videos. But if anyone want to learn how to make cartoons videos. Then it’s matter of deep study about the software, knowledge of art for making different postures and their basic tools function. No doubt it takes too much time to start with zero to hero but if start today then you can be the  professional of tomorrow. So in this tutorial you will learn some basics knowledge about how to make cartoon video using Android Phone.

There are many android app which advertise that they are good in making cartoon and many more. Absolutely they were but I will list only top three android apps which I have used and they are really awesome.

◘ Some apps for making Cartoons Video

1.     • Plotagon

et From my point of view, Plotagon is the best and favourite app for every user who make their cartoons videos in android phone. It’s easy to use and there are a lot pre-existing themes are available. The best feature of this app is green screen is available so that you can add your own custom theme here by editing.

F  • Toontastic 3D

     It’s another very good and awesome android app by Google Inc. for making cartoons video by frame. You can create your custom characters or use the predefined one. You can also get a lot of pre-installed themes but you can also create your custom background scene too. The best features of this app is you can add many character at time. Like you can add more than two characters in a single scene which make toontastic 3d much better with comparison to any other apps.

3.      • Kinemaster

fd  You all might have know about it. Kinemaster is also well-known for its editing features. It also provide tools for making cartoons and cartoon animation like whiteboard. No doubt it’s a editing app so you can’t get much tools for enhancing the cartoon video skills.

* But in this tutorial I will go with Plotagon.

◘ Why do I prefer to use Plotagon ?

It’s awesome app and little bit heavy file size which is approx. 200mb + which means it required a good condition phone. When you use this app this provide 500+ pre-installed theme although you can’t add your custom screen. It’s provide a lot of characters and you can make your own custom characters using tool. I prefer you to go for free version for learning the skills. It provide text command and voice over command both. You can add background music, short music. For the realistic it provide to add action to the individuals characters like angry, happy, annoying, laugh etc. There is one negative points is that you can add only two characters in a scene.

◘ How to install it ?

• Go to Playstore

• Search Plotagon (It app size will be nearly 200mb+)

• Install it and click on the installed app. 

For the first time use it required too much time and active internet connection for unpacking all the datum. No need to worry just wait and get excited for the use.

◘ How to use it  ?

When you open the app below screen will shown.


• Wait for the full loading process.

After completing loading process you will see the below screen. 


Tap on the create video button for starting the cartoon video journey. You will get below screen. Firstly you will have to choose the background scene or theme. Like I had already chosen classroom theme. Now learn about all the tools for understanding the working process.


◘ Tools Description

1•  Play Button- You can tap on this button for viewing the video.

2•  Choose the scene on which you want to work on.

3•  Choose the camera mode.

4•  You can add another scene in the same video.

5•  Add text to speech or add your own voice for applying on the characters. 

6•  Add gestures effect or provide action to the characters.

7•  Add sound effects.

8•  Add background music.

9 Add alt text in the scene to define what’s going to happen.

10•  Add characters.

11•  Save the video.

After completing the video. Tap on tool no 11. save box. After some time your video will render out.

◘ How to get the cartoon render video ?

You can not get the saved carton video easily you will have to find it only in it’s original file. 

For getting your file follow below steps-

 • Open file manager.

 • Go to Android File.

 • Go to data file.

 • Now search for com.plotagon.plotagon and open it. (If you’re not getting mentioned file simply search for plotagon file)

 • Go to files.

 • Now you can find you saved file here.

◘ To do something more

• If you want to add your custom theme/background scene. Simply make the cartoon video on green screen and remove green screen by Filmora or any editing software and add your own background.

 • One another things, if you wish to add more than two characters in a scene. Make video separately with all the characters with whom you want to make and merge it into once screen by editing software.

Thanks for reading!

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