How to setup SEO settings of your blogger ?


When we talk about making a blog for earning purpose then there is one thing which came in mind that SEO settings optimizations. 

Now in this tutorials I will show you all the details about it

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website or blog by natural search engine results.

What goes into SEO?

  • Quality of traffic. 
  • Quantity of traffic.
  • Organic results.
Now follow simple below steps:
Blogspot (Blogger) Basic SEO Settings:

◘Open Blogger and goto settings

Add attractive title and description of your blog.

Title should match with your blog.
Description of your blog must be identical and  written in  understandable manner.
 (*It couldn’t exceeds 65 characters maximum) 
◘ Language And Formatting Setting:
 Add your desire language to blog so that readers could understand easily your contents. 
Add time zone. Make sure you entered the right language and time zone information.
Meta Tags
 Enable Search description
Add Search Description
*What is search description


Meta Search Description is in red color box
Make sure the targeted keyword is present in your Meta description
The meta description should be written in a polite way , no need to add descriptive information.
Add Custom 404 Page Not Found Description
What is the custom page not found 
When you delete any post by some reason the post is no longer available on your blog.
So, then the users click on that link they will found (404 error) it will negatively 
impact your site and the user will go back from your blog. By this way your ranking
will automatically decrease for that purpose Custom page not found is a very 
major SEO setting. 
◘ Crawlers and indexing
Enable custom robots.txt
 Add sitemap code in Custom robots.txt
 *Sitemap code is used by google search console to count your blog posts.
 Enable custom robots header tags
Enable basic settings of:
Home page tags (enable – all, noodp)
Archive and search page tags (enable – noindex, noodp)
Post and page tags (enable – all, noodp)
◘ And finally when post any blog follow below settings: 
Add specific Labels in post that can define your post contents.  
Add Search Description:
*Search description means to describe your post and tell search engines it.
Custom Robots Tags: Make sure it default.
◘ Have Fun !

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