How to use your mobile data in Airplane Mode ?

Hello Everyone! you must be amaze by thinking that an internet must be surf during airplane mode. So today I will show you How to use Mobile Data in Airplane Mode ? This is a cool trick that everybody wants to know about it. Let’s start with basic information.

What is Airplane Mode ?
Airplane mode commonly known as aeroplane mode, flight mode, offline mode, or standalone mode is a setting available in smartphones and many other devices for performing specific task. When this mode is activated, it suspends the radio-frequency signal transmission technologies in devices, effectively disabling all voice, text and phone services also. It helps profitably in battery consumption.

 So for doing this trick just follow below steps :
◘ Firstly open your mobile data normally
◘ Now keep your phone in airplane mode without turn off mobile data
◘ Open your call dialer app
◘ Now dial *#*#4636#*#*
◘ After dialing above code you will get below interface

◘ Here you will get a lots of option
◘ Choose first option i.e. phone information
◘ After choosing phone information you will get below interface

◘ Sometime you will get a different interface as it will depend upon device.

◘ Now search radio option and turn it on. (In some devices you have to find out more option and enable data connection )

If above code doesn’t work

◘ Download Force LTE android app from Playstore

Open this app, then you will get an interface like below

◘ Now choose first option from here

◘ After that follow same steps (Finding radio option and turn it on and enable data connection if it is necessary.)
◘ Have Fun !

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