Keyboard shortcuts you must know it

 We always looking for new ways to make our day more efficient. From major productivity strategies to quick workarounds, these can have a big impact in day life. Keyboard shortcuts offer the speed and accuracy for doing the tasks in your day. Anyone can learn them, on any kind of machine, in applications of all kinds. Here we collected the most common Keyboard shortcuts you must know it. Most of these apply equally on Windows and Mac, although some variations can occur because exception can found anywhere. So read the below mentioned shortcuts and implement in your daily life. Start with the basics.

Keyboard shortcuts you must know it

The three most commonly used keyboard shortcuts: 

Cut (Ctrl+X or Cmd+X), 

Copy (Ctrl+C or Cmd+C),

Paste (Ctrl+V or Cmd+V). 

Ctrl+F  (to open a search pane)

Win+L  (lock your screen)

Ctrl+plus sign  (zoom in) 

Ctrl+minus sign  (zoom out)

Ctrl+S   (save your work)

Ctrl+Z   (undo) 

Ctrl+Y   (redo)

Alt+Tab  (toggle between computer’s open programs) 

Ctrl+R   (reload the current web page)

Windows Explorer keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl + N
Open a new window
Ctrl + W
Close the current window
Ctrl + Shift + N
Create a new folder

Keyboard shortcuts that use the Windows logo key

Windows logo key + F1

Open Windows Help and Support

Windows logo key

Display or hide the Start screen
Windows logo key  + D

Display and hide the desktop

Windows logo key  + E

Open File Explorer

Windows logo key  + F

Open the Search charm and search for files
Windows logo key  + K

Open the Devices charm

Windows logo key  + L

Lock your PC or switch people

Windows logo key  + M

Minimize all windows

Windows logo key  + O

Lock device orientation

Windows logo key  + P

Choose a presentation display mode
Windows logo key  + R

Open the Run dialog box

Windows logo key  + S

Open the Search charm to search Windows and the web

Windows logo key  + T

Cycle through apps on the taskbar

Windows logo key  + U

Open Ease of Access Center

Windows logo key  + V

Cycle through notifications

Windows logo key  + Shift + V

Cycle through notifications in reverse order

Windows logo key  + X

Open the Quick Link menu

Windows logo key  + Z

At last,
Keyboard Shortcuts while working in browsers:

Ctrl + Shift + T — Opens previously closed tab 
Ctrl + Tab — Switches between open tabs
Ctrl + N — Opens a new window
Ctrl + L — Focuses the address bar
Ctrl + 0 — Resets zoom
Ctrl + Shift + Delete — Opens the Clear Browsing Data option
Alt + Home — Redirects to the home page
F5 — Reloads

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