Know About YouTube Chapters

Know About YouTube Chapters
Know About YouTube Chapters
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Not in every but you might have seen  some YouTube video progress bar is divided into many section which allow us to skip on particular section of video. This split section is know as YouTube Chapters which is manually sort out by video uploader and convert into YouTube chapters automatically as directed. Now in this post we Know About YouTube Chapters and how to use it in our YouTube Videos.
◘ What is YouTube Chapters ?
YouTube Chapters divide YouTube video into sections, each with an individual preview title. These YouTube chapters help viewers to see only that particular part of video which they want to see. Using it they can skip to particular section of video. Video Chapters are automatically generated based on timestamps you enter in the video description and will show in the video progress bar.
◘ How to use YouTube Chapters in YouTube Video ?
• Open YouTube Dashboard
• Open a video in which you want to add YouTube Chapters
• Edit description of that video
• Make timestamps in your video description as shown below
• While making YouTube Chapters do follow T&C of YouTube
◘ Conditions for YouTube Chapters
 • Include at least three timestamps
 • The first timestamp will be 0:00
 • Each chapter contains minimum of 10 sec
 • Leave space after the timestamp and add a short descriptive title
 • Each chapter should be in a separate line
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