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       I hope you must heard and play dinosaur game in chrome while having no internet connection. Absolutely it’s a famous time pass game for many people. And many of you have made too many high score which is so difficult for others. Now I will show you a new game like same dinosaur but with more excitement, more enjoyment i.e. balloon game. Off course in this tutorial I will show you how to play Balloon Game in Play Store. I’m sure that many of you have no idea about this tricks. So let’s start with some basic details and see how to play it.

We know that, nowadays android become so popular platform for everyone. You can notice android devices in every hands just because of it’s easy navigation, easy way of operating and affordable prices for people to buy it and many others features too.

 Many of you have heard about Play Store which is a application and preinstall in every android devices for providing apps and games to the users on demand. No doubt it’s play an essential role for android device user in everyday life. Generally it has a large varieties of apps, games, and digital contents. It helps user to always be upgrade with latest features of all the apps which is installed in their devices. Although it has it’s own many lots of features. But one of it’s famous feature for people who love to play is play hot air balloon game while having no internet connection. So let’s talk about this game.

About this Balloon Game

In my point of view this game is very good for time pass in that condition if you don’t have internet connection. It has many rule and difficulties too so that anyone can’t score more easily. In this game you can achieve many tools like magnet for attracting balloons automatically which helps in getting more score. It also provide a tool to change the color of balloon and you can achieve many more things as you score higher and higher.  

Preview of Hot Air Balloon Game

Now let’s see how to play this game ?

Follow below steps for playing balloon game in Play Store

◘ Take your android phone in your hand.

◘ Turn of the data connection of your android device.

◘ Open Play Store

◘ Search any apps while in state of no internet connection

◘ Now you will get message like you’re offline as shown below

( For example:- As I search blogger without internet connection and I got this screen )

◘ Now tap on Play Button which is at another side of Hot Air Balloon.

◘ Now you will see enter into the game.

◘ Press the start button to play.

◘ Now feel just like a gamer.

◘ Enjoy

◘ Have Fun !

*Comment if you don’t know about dinosaur game of chrome.  

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