Send Private Note which can self destroy after reading

Haveyou ever tried to send confidential matter/information with your loving one, family or friends? Let’s talk about such condition. Almost in this situation many of us were afraid while doing this over the internet, because we might thought at least one time for some malicious hacker could be spying on you?

Although nowadays we have large variety of social networking sites for doing such activities but there we will have to destroy the text manually. But suppose if we send mail and it will destroy after reading. No doubt it will a great technique and secure for passing any private information.

So in this post we will learn about a website that’s name is Privnote which is known for sending message which will destroy automatically after reading this message.

◘ What is Privnote ?

Privnote is a free web based service which provides a way to send confidential, important, top secret notes to anyone (to whom you want to deliver your message) over the internet. Absolutely it’s fast, reliable. The most important part of this website is there is no need of any type of subscription, no password/user registration at all.

◘ Benefits of It ?

A lot of benefits you might observe/take from this website. Some of them are followings:-

 • Fast means of transfer

 • Password encryption

 • Self-destructed facility

 • One time opened URL

 • Time limitation and many more.


◘ How can we used it ?

Simply visit Privnote Official Website and start writing your message in the box as shown below.

After writing message you will see a lot of options as shown in the picture below.


( Like time for message self destruction, password for accessing the notes, email notification of destruction and many more. Choose which one you like to do.)

After all done as per need, you’ll get a link. Then copy the link and paste/share where or to whom you want send it. When that person got the link and open it, they will see your message (if the note is locked by you then he/she have to enter the passkey that you have set-up for accessing the note.) in browser and the note will automatically self-destruct as you defined in the options. After this with that link same person can’t read it again. The link you have shared won’t work anymore for anyone.


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