Brent Renaud shot and  killed in Ukraine

Brent Renaud, an award-winning US film-maker whose work has appeared in the New York Times.

Brent Renaud has been killed reportedly by Russian forces in the flashpoint town of Irpin, outside Kyiv. A US photographer, Juan Arredondo, was wounded.

The 50-year-old Little Rock, Arkansas, native was gathering material for a report about refugees when his vehicle was hit at a checkpoint in Irpin, just outside the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv.

Another journalist for U.S. media tweeted that she had been at the scene and witnessed Renaud's body under a blanket.

Ukraine's Interior Ministry said the area has sustained intense shelling by Russian forces in recent days.

"Russian forces in Ukraine must stop all violence against journalists and other civilians at once, and whoever killed Renaud should be held to account," he added.

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