Chris Hemsworth thor 4 trailer Update

Chris Hemsworth confirmed early press for Thor: Love and Thunder begins today as the hang tight for the exceptionally expected trailer proceeds.

Chris Hemsworth announces the start of early Thor: Love and Thunder press as fans continue to wait for the first trailer.

Thor: Love and Thunder is set to deliver a brand-new adventure for Chris Hemsworth's titular Asgardian, marking the first time that an MCU hero will have four solo movies.

Chris Hemsworth Confirmed Early Press For Thor: Love And Thunder Begins Today As The Hang Tight For The Exceptionally Expected Trailer Proceeds.

Releasing the trailer sooner rather than later would allow the press to come up with more questions related to the movie, considering that official footage is more reliable than online rumors.

Many would agree that the trailer's delay has essentially boosted the anticipation for the film, and signs indicate that the hype will heighten when actual footage is unveiled.

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