Severance Shocking Finale

On the eve of Severance’s season finale, which started streaming today and contains both massive revelations and maddening cliffhangers,

Britt Lower tells The Daily Beast that landing the part of Helly over “bigger names” was a “fall-to-my-knees-with-gratitude moment.”

Not only that, but it has permanently altered the trajectory of a career that has mostly consisted of small but memorable roles on comedies like Man Seeking Woman, Casual, and High Maintenance.

Lower also shares her reaction to the huge reveal about her “Innie” character’s “Outie” identity—to use the show’s idiosyncratic parlance—that opens the final episode.

By the end of the riveting Ben Stiller-directed finale, in which Adam Scott’s “Innie” character Mark S. also learns that his wife is alive and working for Lumon as wellness counselor Ms. Casey,

Helly decides to essentially take down her own company when it’s her turn to speak.

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