Tax Day 2022: IRS website major slowdown

Tax Day 2022: IRS website major slowdown

Monday is Tax Day, the deadline for U.S. taxpayers to record their request or return an extension from the Internal Revenue Service. 

Several users said they got a message on the IRS site that stated, "We are unable to complete your request because of technical difficulties."

As per the latest information available, the IRS spent more than $2 billion dollars in the 2020 fiscal year on taxpayer filing and account services.

But many frustrated citizens reported outages on the IRS' website on its most important day of the year, lashing out at the federal tax collection agency online.

One user who wrote on Down Detector, "I can't even revise my extended payment or anything. They better own up to their site issues and not penalize taxpayers. This is B.S."

one Twitter user asking the IRS if its site was down, explaining, "Trying to pay but (so far) site has crashed, reloaded, then failed to allow me to log in."

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