Today's Wordle answer #280

Each day I duke it out with Wordle I learn a little bit more about how hard it is to remember giant lists of words.

I'd like to say that suffering the body blows of losing streaks has made me grow as a person,

but mostly it makes me want to get my vengeance—and maybe you understand my pain as well.

Wordle March 26: A helpful hint - The king of the glue world, this stuff is what you use when you want whatever thing you broke to know you mean business.

It's also a pretty funny word to say, and contains one of the least utilized letters, to boot.

Wanting to know the answers is understandable, so don't feel bad if you struck out. Or maybe you just are curious?

But no matter what your reasons are—even just saving your win streak—the Wordle March 26 answer is EPOXY.

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