Why Will Smith hit Chris Rock at the Oscars

While presenting the award for best documentary, Rock joked, "Jada I love you, 'G.I. Jane 2,' can't wait to see it."

The camera cut to Pinkett Smith, who rolled her eyes as she sat next to Smith. "That was a nice one," Rock said, appearing to respond to the joke not going over well.

Pinkett Smith has been open about her struggle with alopecia, an autoimmune disorder that leads to hair loss.

Rock then said, "Oh uh," and laughed as Smith walked toward him on stage and appeared to strike Rock in the face.

Smith said twice during the incident, according to "Keep my wife's name out of your f***ing mouth!"

Rock responded: "Oh, wow." For viewers at home, censors muted the verbal part of the exchange between Rock and Smith. Rock said, "That was the greatest night in the history of television."

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