Ways that should improve PC performance

Hey ! welcome you all here in world of fast speed. Now everyone wants to work in speed like they want to grow faster, earn a lot in short time, and many more. In parallel to this we talk here about ways that should improve PC performance. If you are experiencing issues loading applications or simply dealing with slow computer performance, then it means it just takes some minor adjustments to make it run more efficiently. Computers work slow due to many reason like there is malware, spyware, or a virus causing lags or slow speeds or may be extra burden without any use which push down the performance. But no need to worry you can speed up your PCs, by maintaining, and checking some random activities which are almost mentioned below.

Ways that should improve PC performance

Uninstall unnecessary software

Sometimes we purchase or download software in our PCs without thinking. And usually such software are not always in need. This takes up vital space. So try to remove such software which is not in use.


Add more RAM to your PC if needed.


Get rid of unnecessary (temp ) files 

Clean temp files which are created by itself on opening programs. If you delete it then there will be no loss.

  • Simply press win+R
  • Run program open
  • Type %temp% hit enter and delete all the files.
  • Again type recent in run program and hit enter
  • Now delete all files from here also.

Above process surely boost up your pc performance.

Close auto startup programs

When your computer boots, Windows launches certain programs automatically. Not all you need but few some of them. If you disable them, there will be no loss. And hence it will increase your PCs speed.


Take a look at your web browser

Always clean your browsing history and clean all cookies.


Disable animations

Windows has some features that are animations and transitions. On a new PC setup there are many animations which look great and add some swag to your user experience. However, they also impact your computer speed.


Try to save files to cloud storage or an external disk

To prevent your files from damaged or deleted up the system, you might consider saving your files to a location away from your computer. Like Cloud Storage are offer by platforms like Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, etc.


At last,

Life is too short then why we waste our time on waiting for a slow computer. However, with the help of the advice above, we can speed up our PCs. Some programs are not quite viruses, but their mere presence causes issues. Getting rid of viruses and malware is a great way to speed up your computer. In addition to more security you can install antivirus and or anti-malware software. And you can also use some external software for cleaning like CCleaner and many more.


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