Why Google is free while food is not ?

One of the most famous and reliable search engine is Google. Nearly everybody is depending upon it for getting knowledge at ease. Google is a search engine that started development in 1996 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Many of you think that google is free that provides us information about everything. It’s not true it is only myth. Let’s do a comparison between Google and Food that we eat. And try to find out Why Google is free while food is not ?

Why Google is free while food is not ?

Google is not free. Every time you search on it, means you are paying for that. You are giving them your most valuable stuff. You are exchanging something.


For example if you search on Google like “Best mobile phones under 10k”. Google notes that you’re looking for a mobile phone. Google goes to 10 mobile phone companies and asks “I have a customer. Who will give me more commission?” If company X gets ready to give more commission, Google shows their mobiles on the top of the search results. And from that day you will able to see your search result on every Google Products like Youtube etc.

It was just an example, Google trades your search patterns, information, keywords and almost everything. It save your all details for getting full control upon you. So google is free is just a myth.


At last,

What Google shows you, you think that’s right. Actually Google only  controls you and makes you to bind with itself.

Food can be free only if you can grow or make it yourself. But you have to pay because someone is growing or making it for you.

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